Fat Bike Tours

Explore the Swedish Lapland Wilderness on a Fatbike


Do you really enjoy the great outdoors and learning about local wildlife? Are you looking for a unique experience that can be bags of fun, for cyclists of all abilities whether beginner or expert.p1000077

As we are lucky enough to live in one of the most stunning regions of Swedish Lapland. The relatively recent arrival of the Fatbike provided us with a lightbulb moment. This has given us the perfect opportunity to offer visitors a new innovative way to experience magnificent scenery and access deserted forest and trails that would be otherwise taking hours of hiking, plus they’re fantastic fun. Cycling along often floating over tree roots, stones,¬†snow and even ice is enough to put a massive wide grin on our customers faces. The super size tyres and wheels provide huge level of floatation, which in snow, forest or sandy conditions provides fantastic grip and traction, floating over the top of snow the same principle applies to riding on the sand this gives us the ultimate forest and beach riding steed. Fatbiking is such exhilarating fun biking in the forest and maybe even seeing Reindeer and Moose. On tour you will be out in the incredible Swedish tundra cycling through primordial forest along frozen lakes towards spectacular snow covered horizons in the winter and a chance to see the Northern Lights and in the Summer experiencing 24 hour daylight.